Who We Are & What We Offer

Time and again, SAGTANI has provided trustworthy service to both our suppliers and clients and built a strong reputation in the Nepalese market. Perhaps it is because of our policy to stay true to our commitment - providing customer satisfaction that are motivated towards exceeding their expectations. SAGTANI will always make its effort to cover the extra mile by ensuring the products that are delivered are of highest standard and quality.

Equipment Trading & Merchandising

SAGTANI is well known in the Nepalese market for ground execution. Choosing us as a partner means you will get top notch service from our experienced team as a result the product will always stand out.

Distribution & Logistics

Our distribution and logistics team are well known for its effective and far reaching network. We cover most of the sales of kitchen, laundry and hygiene equipment in Nepal. Furthermore, each product we distribute are planned in such a way that it gets delivered on time.

Product Support & AMC

SAGTANI not only sells and distribute products but also provides necessary support to its clients. We have AMC "Annual Maintenance Contract" support service with which we provide support to our clients in a very efficient manner.

Total solution in commercial/ kitchen/ laundry equipment and Hygiene

What We Do

Kitchen and Laundry Equipments. Both are vital to our way of life. And each also presents its share of challenges. At SAGTANI we embrace those challenges — by challenging ourselves and each other to explore new ways that make life even better.
Demand analysis and Concepts
Equipments. Demand. Budget. Concepts. All these aspects must be analysed properly before anything. Just supplying what clients is asking for without analysing all these aspects is not the best practice.
CAD Planning
From kitchen appliances to the laundry equipments and to the home appliances, our CAD (Computer Aided Design) Planning answer the challenge of staying reliable for the longer period of time.
High quality product and state of the art production
Equipments are the things that keeps your business and your everyday life running. You’ll find the modern, high-performance yielding equipments from SAGTANI manufactured from the top brands of the world.
Project management and supervision
For SAGTANI managing and supervising a project is not a big deal. We have well qualified team who have years of experience in managing the projects which are all supervised by none other than the chairman himself.
Installation and commissioning
Our equipment have revolutionized various industry. And today, we continue to be a leader in what we do by rolling out new products. They also meet the challenge of providing the right kind of work at the right moment.
Customer Instruction and training
Speaking of helping our clients, we provide training to your staffs and provide necessary support and give proper instruction on handling our equipment for smooth running of your system and organization.
After sales services / AMC
In the constant challenge to give more efficient service to our clients we do provide after sales services like repair and maintenance works under our Annual Maintenance Contract of-course.

Our Latest News

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